The Quilters’ Fellowship Ministry

The Quilters’ Fellowship Ministry has a long history at North Pointe United Methodist Church. It was originally formed in 2002 at Trinity United Methodist Church by a small group of women.

Since 2007 the group has grown and has been gathering in the education wing of the church on the first Friday of each month from 12:30-3:30 p.m. It is an informal “drop-in” group, so people are able to come when able and leave when they want.

The main focus of the group is making simple hand-tied baby quilts. The quilts are a group effort, with shared ideas and input. All levels of experience are welcome. Even if it’s only to iron fabric, all help is appreciated. Most recently our session included seven people in ages from 10 to 82. Some months there are twelve people or more – all are welcome.

Many of the quilts are donated to the Racine Unified School District’s School Age Parenting Program (SAPAR). SAPAR’s goal is to assist school- age parents to obtain their high school diploma or GED, as well as to teach parenting skills and offer guidance in obtaining much-needed resources. In the past 17 years more than 160 quilts have been donated to SAPAR.

Quilts are also donated to all babies baptized at North Pointe UMC, and are regularly donated to the Women’s Resource Center. Additionally quilts have been donated to our church youth group to auction to raise funds for their various mission trips; to take along and distribute on mission trips; for a family in Appalachia; for a student in Guatemala; and as parting gifts for pastors and staff.